The Symbiotic City will require new methods of designing and using materials to enable true recyling. At the local government level, cities are making signficant gains in reduction of waste which is sent to the Landfill. San Francisco has set a goal of zero waste by 2020, after having met aggressive landfill diversion targets set earlier. 

However, much of what is called recylcing is actually 'downcylcing' in which highly refined pure materials are slowly mixed with lower grade materials as they move through the production process and become less valuable secondary use materials. True recycling will require products which are designed to be easily broken down into their most basic component parts and re-used as pure materials once again. The Symbioitc City cannot produce garbage, outputs must become the inputs for another process as occurs in nature. 


Projects and Resources on Infinite Material Recycling:

Cradle to Cradle Design.

The San Fransico Zero Waste Program.