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An open network of urban planners, architects, engineers, ecologists and economists...

OUR Mission

The Symbiotic Cities Network is an open network of urban planners, architects, engineers, ecologists and economists. Our mission is to convene discussion, connect individuals and organizations, and initiate projects and explorations to develop ideas that will help facilitate our species’ transition from its current pathological parasitic relationship with the planet towards a regenerative, mutualistic, and symbiotic relationship with the natural systems that support life on earth. The network of contributors to this website aim to explore new ideas in regenerative urban planning, design, engineering technology, and policy which both recognize that we are dependent on, and embedded within our environment, and provide possible opportunities for our cities to become positive rather than negative ecological contributors.

OUR Purpose

The idea of the Symbiotic Cities Network was first conceptualized by Craig Applegath and the Future Proofing Cities Working Group as the end goal of exploring and developing regenerative urban planning and design. The concept is based on the pioneering work done by thinkers like James Lovelock, Richard Register, William McDonough, Bob Rodale, Bill Reed, Ray Cole, David Madox, Tim Beatley, Thomas Elmqvist and others who have for some time been exploring the relationship between buildings, cities and the ecologies they are an integral part of. The purpose of this website is to:

  1. CONVENE a public forum to collect and explore ideas for planning and designing regenerative symbiotic urban environments.
  2. CONNECT similarly interested individuals by showcasing regenerative symbiotic city concepts, prototypes, and projects from around the world.
  3. INITIATE new projects and explorations that move us closer toward realizing the Regenerative Symbiotic City by hosting design competitions and collaborative workshops.

Moderators and Contributors


This website is published by J. Craig Applegath Consulting Ltd. and is a not-for-profit venture established solely for the purpose of creating a network of people interested in planning and creating regenerative symbiotic cites.