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September 2014

Responsive City

Sep 30, 2014 9:41 PM
by Negin Akhlaghpour, Juan Caviedes  |  Add Comment


Cities worldwide are confronting challenging scenarios due to computerized era, densification, economic interaction, technological changes, dynamic landscape, global climate change, and globalized marketing which is the result of constant transformation of existing regional and urban models.
The regional urban phenomenon that characterizes the growth of cities and settlements in developing countries is supposed to raise high infrastructural impacts with the implementation of contextual series of networks in order to achieve environmentally sustainable outcomes.

Barranquilla is now considered the largest city serving as port and maritime transportation in the Northern Caribbean Coast region of Colombia.Its strategic proximity to both the Caribbean Sea and the Magdalena river led to the development of the areas along the shore and river bank mainly for industrial purposes leaving the town’s waterfront corridor virtually underdeveloped, which totally fails to appropriately connect the city to its water.

The Responsive City:

The “Responsive City” provides series of flexible processes that is responsive to patterns of social, environmental and economic layers of living in various neighbourhoods and beneficially engages communities in their natural resources.

This part of the city of Barranquilla’s revitalization project is an attempt to visualize some schematic proposals for this unique site and take the advantage of its innate potentials to expand its role as a city centre to include new urban intensification leveraging, recent technological strategies ,conceptual interactive methods and iconic typologies to develop a city centre that has the capacity to be systematic and adaptive.

The strategies that will come as follow…



























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Juan Caviedes, Negin Akhlaghpour




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