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December 2013

Exploring the Problem of Implementing Significant Change

Dec 30, 2013 9:19 PM
by Craig Applegath  |  Add Comment

We are very interested in exploring the question of how to implement significant and complex social and economic change -- for example the kind of significant change that will be required to address global warming -- and would like to hear your thoughts on this question. What is your response to this question? Who are the key writers that are exploring this at the moment? What past precedents are worth examining?

As we have been fleshing out the Transition sections of this website, one of the perennial questions we have been faced with is: “Even if we can develop practical and implementable solutions to significant problems like climate change, and various forms of environmental degradation, all of our economic and social systems are solidly locked into their current modes by a economic and social inertia that strongly resists these solutions. So how do we overcome this inertia in a democratic society?” If you have any thoughts and suggestions, we would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts on this.

Please make your suggestions as comments to this blog, or send us a contact message.



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